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iPod War: February Madness! (Tournament 1, iPod War 6)

Hello all.

It's time for the first official scrollwheel multi-round tournament!

These were a big hit when I did them back in my journal, and so we're going to do one here. Seeding will be determined through a complicated algorithm involving previous iPod War wins, total number of votes, library size, favorite Beatle and astrological sign. ;)

You then face off against another scrollwheeler in a one-on-one first round matchup. Whoever wins goes on to the next round. It's that easy. The number of submissions will determine tournament size, shape, and whether there are any first-round byes. Playlists will remain anonymous, so you'll receive a designation like "East 6" or whatever we choose to call the brackets.

So here's what you do. Simple! Just submit your ten-song, randomly-shuffled playlist from your iTunes, iPod, or other non-Steve-Jobsian way of organizing your music. :) Please tell us which library you're drawing your ten songs from: iPod or computer, and how big the music pool is. (For example: iPod Nano, 4 GB, 930 songs). Please also use the commonly accepted format for iPod Wars. All responses are screened. Submissions stop at 3 pm ET on Friday, February 10, and the first round will commence immediately afterward, so there's almost two full days to get your playlist in. I'll post another reminder this evening for non-East-Coasters.

I look forward to this! Let's shoot for a huge tournament this time!

Edit: Woohoo! We finally have 32 contestants! I'll post the first round tomorrow morning...

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