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Here we go. As usual, please only vote for a maximum of 3 playlists, not your own, and we'll tally up the votes tomorrow at 11 am Eastern.

Playlist #1
1. Modest Mouse, "Invisible", We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank
2. The Good, the Bad, and the Queen, "The Good, the Bad, and the Queen", The Good, the Bad, and the Queen (whew!)
3. Archers of Loaf, "Mark Price P.I.", The Lounge Ax Defense and Relocation Compact Disc
4. Sonic Youth, "Lights Out", Rather Ripped
5. Tool, "Intension", 10,000 Days
6. Mission of Burma, "Careening With Conviction", The Obliterati
7. Foo Fighters, "Cold Day in the Sun", In Your Honor
8. Lou Barlow, "Royalty", EMOH
9. Beck, "Heaven Hammer (Missing) [Air Remix]", Guerolito
10. Talking Heads, "Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)", Remain in Light

Playlist #2
1. Miles Davis, "Oleo", Miles '58 Sessions
2. Modest Mouse, "Whenever You Breathe Out, I Breathe In (Positive Negative)", Building Nothing Out Of Something
3. Bruce Springsteen, "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out", Born To Run
4. The Sundays, "Hideous Towns", Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic
5. Brion Snyder, "Go Long", recording from an unreleased demo
6. Depeche Mode, "World Full Of Nothing", Black Celebration
7. Crash Test Dummies, "An Old Scab", A Worm's Life
8. Joe Jackson, "Real Men", Night And Day
9. Kool and the Gang, "Ladies Night", Best of Kool and the Gang
10. Talking Heads, "Once In A Lifetime (live)", Stop Making Sense

Playlist #3
1. Queen, "Don't Lose Your Head", A Kind of Magic
2. Warren Zevon, "Mr. Bad Example", Learning to Flinch
3. The Prisoner, "Main Titles", File 1 (The Prisoner soundtrack)
4. Yoko Kanno, "Surf", GITS Stand Alone Complex OST
5. Fatboy Slim, "Weapon of Choice", Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars
6. Pink Floyd, "Eclipse", Dark Side of the Moon
7. Yoshida Brothers, "Morricone", Yoshida Brothers III
8. Men at Work, "Helpess Automaton", Business as Usual
9. Kraftwerk, "Showroom Dummies", Trans-Europe Express
10. The Waterboys, "This is the Sea", This is the Sea

Playlist #4
1. Leonard Cohen, "Bird on the Wire", Songs From a Room
2. The Residents, "N-Er-Gee (Crisis Blues)", Meet The Residents
3. The Pills, "Rock Me", Run Lola Run OST
4. Mixmaster Mike, "Bazooka Kanyon", Eye of The Cyclops
5. Avalanches, "Untitled", El Producto
6. They Might Be Giants, "Become a Robot", Then: The Earlier Years
7. Interpol, "length of love", Antics
8. Esquivel, "Dancing In The Dark", More Of Other Worlds, Other Sounds
9. Life In A Blender, "Mobile Wash Unit", Tell Me I'm Pretty
10. Cibo Matto, "Birthday Cake", Viva! La Woman

Playlist #5
1. Spooky Tooth, "Sunshine Help Me," A Strangely Strange Sampler: Rare Island Psychedelia
2. Nick Lowe, "Switch Board Susan," Basher: The Best Of Nick Lowe
3. Eels, "A Daisy Through Concrete," Daisies of the Galaxy
4. Damien Rice, "Cannonball," O
5. The Verve, "Bittersweet Symphony," Urban Hymns
6. Runrig, "Dust," Recovery
7. Jethro Tull, "Black Satin Dancer," Minstrel In The Gallery
8. Portishead, "Sour Times," Dummy
9. Robyn Hitchcock, "We're Gonna Live In The Trees," Spooked
10. Mike Doughty, "Thank You, Lord, For Sending Me The F-Train," Skittish/Rockity Roll

Playlist #6
1. Julie Ruin, "The Punk Singer", S/t
2. Luna, "I Know You Tried, Bewitched
3. Vibrasphere, "Eternal Feedback"
4. The Velvet Underground, "Countess From Hong Kong", Peel Slowly and See (Disc 4)
5. The Microphones, "III. Universe", Mt. Eerie
6. Low, "Dinosaur Act", Things We Lost in the Fire
7. Jesus & Mary Chain, "The Living End", Psychocandy
8. Sun City Girls, "Esoterica Of Abyssynia", Torch of the Mystics
9. Handsome Boy Modelling School, "Metaphysical", So...How's Your Girl?
10. Ween, "Mr. Richard Smoker (Live)", Paintin' The Town Brown (Disc 1)

Playlist #7
1. New Pornographers, "Twin Cinema," Twin Cinema
2. Imogen Heap, "Rake It In," I Megaphone
3. Freedy Johnston, "In The New Sunshine," Can You Fly?
4. Tom Lehrer, "Clementine," More Songs by Tom Lehrer
5. Slainte M'hath, "004," VA
6. Solas, "Silver Dagger," Reunion: A Decade of Solas
7. Tori Amos, "Sleeps with Butterflies," The Beekeeper
8. Scott Appel, "Far Leys," Nine of Swrods
9. Richard Thompson, "Sumer Is Icumin in," 1000 Years of Popular Music
10. Prince, "Pope," The Hits/The B-Sides

Playlist #8
1. Flogging Molly, "Factory Girls", Within a Mile of Home
2. Thomas Dolby, "She Blinded Me with Science!", mix CD
3. They Might Be Giants, "Nightgown of the Sullen Moon", Then: The Early Years
4. Hot Hot Heat, "Middle of Nowhere", Elevator
5. The Big Bopper, "Chantilly Lace", Millennium Rock & Roll
6. Ministry, "Jesus Built My Hotrod", Jesus Built My Hotrod
7. Tempest, "The Bonnie Lass of Anglsey", Gravel Walk
8. Tori Amos, "Daniel", bootleg
9. The Ramones, "Rock and Roll High School", Mania
10. The Jam, "Going Underground", The Sound of The Jam

Playlist #9
1.The Wrenboys' Procession, "The Ballad of Brandon Hauer", Ruthless EP
2.Sondre Lerche, "Once in a while", Duper Sessions
3.Ben Gibbard, "Brand New Colony", Live- Chicago
4.Neko Case, "The Tigers Have Spoken", The Tigers Have Spoken
5.The Mountain Goats "Dilaudid", Dilaudid
6.Throwing Muses, "University", University
7.The Smashing Pumpkins, "Geek U.S.A", Siamese Dream
8.Toad the Wet Sprocket, "Hold her Down", Fear
9.Badly Drawn Boy, "Welcome to the Overground", Born in the U.K.
10.Guster, "Fall in two", Parachute

Playlist #10
1) The Mission - "(Neverland) Vocal" - Undead: A Gothic Masterpiece
2) Heavens to Murgatroid - "So Hi" - Cyclop Pop
3) Cibo Mato - "Sugar Water" - Viva! La Woman
4) The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - "Someday I Suppose" - Don't Know How To Party
5) Pink Floyd - "One of the Few" - The Final Cut
6) The Beatles - "Let It Be" - Let It Be
7) Jethro Tull - "Ring Out Solstice Bells" - The Christmas Album
8) Yoko Kano & The Seatbelts - "Autumn in Ganymede" - Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack vol. 3 "Blue"
9) Aerosmith - "Come Together" - Pandora's Box
10) David J. - "V's Theme" - V for Vendetta

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iPod War 17

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