January 3rd, 2008

ipod war
  • jervo

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My oh my, it's been since June since we did one of these things.  My bad.  I'm determined to get this ol' girl back into shape.  I promise to hold at least one of these things every month for 2008. 

Before we get to the submissions, I'm curious if anyone here upgraded their mp3 player.  Anyone now rockin' an iPhone?  iTouch?  Zune?  etc.?  My old iPod died last year and I upgraded to an 80gb... literally 2 weeks before they released the 80gb Classic and the iTouch and everything else.  Ugh.

Anyway.  Break out your players, set them to "shuffle", and gimme the first 10 songs that pop up.  PLEASE use the following format:
1.  Band, "Song Title", Album

I'll keep this open until Friday afternoon, and I'll put up the poll shortly thereafter.  Depending on how many entries we get, maybe we'll improvise a tournament or something.

Happy New Year, everybody!