Michael Grasso (mgrasso) wrote in scrollwheel,
Michael Grasso

Scrollwheel Tournament 2: we're baaaaaack!

Okay folks, it's been a long, long, long time, but it's time.

It's time for another scrollwheel tournament.

No format restrictions, no gimmicks; just everyone posting the first 10 songs on their mp3 player in shuffle mode. Please submit, in the following format, your first ten songs...

#. Artist, "Song Title", Album

Along with the following information about your mp3 player:

size in GB, number of songs (or amount of songs in GB)

I will create a tournament seeding based on size of collection and past scrollwheel results. It'll be one-on-one matches, single-elimination, size of tournament and possible byes based on final number of submissions. You should expect the first round to be split up between Thursday and Friday. You'll have until Monday the 11th to vote on both halves of the first round.

As usual, identities will be hidden and you'll be expected to be on the honor system not to vote for yourself.

Submissions are cut off Wednesday at 5 pm Eastern. Thanks, all!

Edit: Comments should be screened now, sorry!

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